We are able to supply finished artwork through to the manufactured article in collaboration with Swift Blinds of Huddersfield who produce the finished blinds.

One of our novel products is the printing of vertical blinds for display and advertising. This is similar to the conventional printed roller blinds in concept, except that the design is split into vertical louvre vanes.

The printing has a built-in overlap, so that, when part opened there is no break in the continuity of the design across the whole area of the display graphic or window.

As designers, we require your photograph, logo or scanned original image and we are able to convert it into the finished product in the size you require. All design work would be sent to you as a PDF for your pre-production approval.

Other areas of expertise are direct printing onto metal, such as signage of a given size and display panels. This process produces photographic quality printing with real durability inside or outside.

Textile prints, using the dye sublimation process or conventional digital printing cloths, range from cottons, silk, and velvet to polyester; the printing width would be up to 1600mm wide by any length, using our continuous finishing facility.

Our textile range also includes flags, again digital, or dye sublimation is employed to produce our specialist double-sided printed flags. We are able, with this technology, to print on both sides of the cloth.

This will give clear, bright Pantone colours on flag weave material and on a specially developed substrate, giving correct reading images on both sides of the finished flag fabric, allowing your message to get across without it being mirrored on the reverse side - clever stuff!

Digital printing on vinyl gives us the facility to print onto banner grade vinyl, up to 5 metres in width and any length, as required. There is a good range of base materials available and a specialist service to develop the final product you need.

If you should need any further information or would like to place an order with us, please contact Ann or Russell atvertical.images@btinternet.com or telephone 07944719151

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If you have any queries regarding any of the services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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If you have any queries regarding any of the services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us.